analog force gauge cincinnati oh

What Is A Force Gauge?

The mechanical force gauge provides industrialists with a low cost alternative to digital gauges now out in full force for the purposes of making measurements. The same goes for alternative analog force gauge cincinnati oh solutions.

A needle on the force gauge indicates tension or compression. The needle appears on a dial. The dial has what is known as a peak-hold function. This locks the needle in place and is useful for the purpose of taking numerous readings.

analog force gauge cincinnati oh

Industrialists now have a range of models to choose from in regard to the simple analog solution. All models now have an accuracy range of around two percent. The dial indicated above graduates in pounds and Newtons. The use of these devices, which can be handheld, is sustainable. There is, for instance, no need to use batteries. They are also safe to use in what they call ‘no spark’ environments.

The portability of the device also affords the user compactness, making it convenient to store away when not in use. And a portable carrying case can be used for those who will be doing field work wide of their workshops or laboratory environments. The analog force gauge is accompanied by a few accessories which include a chisel point, compression plate, extension rod and test hook. 

The gauge variety available to customers includes up to six push gauges. These can range from as little as a thousand grams to as much as thirty kilograms, always dependent on the user’s specific measuring requirements. Of critical importance to the discerning customer will be the issuance of a certificate of conformity.

The mechanical gram gauge also as a leaf spring attached to a moving lever. And a needle moves across the scale while a slave pointer is being pushed.

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